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is the sweetest and sweetest cat in the world

date of birth: 03.26.2019

title: Champion of Ukraine 

KBS f 22 09
black marbled turtle with white

the most playful kitty in the world

date of birth: 25.11.2020

title: Champion of Ukraine  

KBS fs 22 09
silver blue-cream turtle



active, funny and very beautiful cat

date of birth: 25/01/2022

Title: best kitten cattery 2022

KBІ d 22


red classic tabby



an incredibly smart, loyal, kind cat with the character of a dog

date of birth: 05/15/2017

Title: Cuddle Champion

KBL d 23 09


red classic tabby

Bobtails are real friends!


Cattery Real Pride breeds cats of the Kurillian Bobtail breed.

Cattery Real Pride is registered in the felinological system -  RUI  and is a member of the Rolandus Union International club.In World Cat Federation WCF cattery was registered as Real Friend.

Our main goal is to breed healthy, active and happy animals that meet breed standards.

We love cats so much! They live with us in the house as family members. Each cat has its own character! All our cats are healthy and vaccinated. They receive all the best: high-quality specialized food and selected natural nutrition, regular medical examinations, daily care, attention and care.

Cats regularly take part in exhibitions, always receive confirmation of pedigree data from experts and win prizes.

​ We will help you with the choice of a pet and answer all your questions. 
Be sure that with the advent of a bobtail kitten in your life, you will have a new true friend,

because Bobtails are real friends!

Sincerely, the breeders of the cattery Julia and Yuri

Buying a kitten in our cattery you are guaranteed to get:
  • thoroughbred kurilian bobtail, accustomed to the tray and scratching;
  • the kitten will be healthy, vaccinated, without parasites and worms;
  • chipped, with original certificate, pedigree and a veterinary passport of an international standard will be issued for the kitten;
  • if necessary, we will help deliver the kitten by courier to anywhere in the world;
  • you will forever have the opportunity to receive a free consultation on any "cat" questions.
сертификат Real Pride_edited.jpg
cattery   bobtailcats

tel.: +38 (067) 735 82 45

Ukraine, Kiev, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka

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